Analyze the demand and supply of energy across Asia, with particular reference to Japan, China and India. 

 Analyze how and where value is added across Asia in a broad range of manufacturing industries, including textiles & garments, electronics, and autos.

 Analyze how and where value is added across Asia in a broad range of service industries, including manufacturing-related, financial and knowledge-based services. 

 Analyze the competitive dynamics in the aerospace industry, with particular reference to wide variance in responses to the opportunities and challenges of globalization.

 Analyze the biotechnology industry, with particular reference to agribusiness applications globally, regionally and nationally.

 Analyze the consumer electronics industry, with particular reference to the risks and opportunities associated with trademark and patent licensing.

 Analyze U.S. and global capital markets, with particular reference to trends in equity and bond prices.  

 Analyze the Indian market, with particular reference to opportunities and risks for growth and productivity in selected sectors.
industry & market trends
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