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We design and deliver innovative programs that seek to engineer the complete transformation of our client:  energizing highly-committed individuals, unleashing high-performance teams, building learning organizations--all producing extraordinary results for leaders, teams, businesses and communities.  Nearly everything we do here is about change:  helping to define its direction, accelerate its pace, widen and deepen its penetration, measure its results.  To these ends we draw on our extensive experience in global leadership development, and on our extensive global network of leading experts.  Working together, our targets include in-tact teams operating critical businesses as well as high-potential individuals organized into project teams. 

Specifically, our involvement in ‘Leaders Into Action’ dates back to its inception, and continued through the customized design and delivery of every program--all in close partnership with leading experts in Our Global Network.  LIA combined virtual sessions with residential modules, all supported by individual and team coaches.  Unilever offered two variants: one for high-potential individuals later organized into project teams; the other, for existing country and brand leadership teams working in critical businesses.  In both, performance was measured by the actual results produced by personal, business, and community-service projects.  Here, we took the lead consulting role as project teams identified, evaluated, and presented business opportunities to senior leaders.  As testimony to our performance, we remained actively involved in the customized design and delivery of LIA’s successor programs--’Igniting Growth’ and ‘Igniting Teams’.Global_Networks.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0
Overall Program:  Midterm Report
 “‘Leaders into Action’ is in its third year, and it’s proving to be an effective way of delivering growth through the development of our leadership capability….  Not only are we getting spectacular and innovative ideas from the projects, but the approaches and methodologies used to bring them to fruition [are] being taken back into the heart of the organization to continue that momentum....  A comprehensive culture change in an organization of our size can be difficult to implement as well as measure, but we're finding change occurring in many ways." 
            >  Tom Cummings, then Head of Learning, Global HR Centre of Excellence, Unilever

Measuring Results: Business Growth & Productivity
 “There are currently 20 active projects arising from the  program, and 2003 has seen two  products  generate first year sales of 6.4 million Euros in the United Kingdom alone.  It’s anticipated that two further product launches in Europe will generate more than 200 million Euros in additional sales over the next three years.…  [For example] through the “Leaders Into Action” program … the team saw an opportunity to stretch one of Unilever’s existing products into a new product line and identified that as their business project....  The project accelerated the establish- ment of a new product line by six months, bringing 6 million Euro in revenues to the company sooner than if the product line had been created and rolled out  through traditional channels.”  
                                    >  Interviewer, CLO Magazine, Harvard Business School Publishing
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