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Global LEADERS with a GLOBAL ‘Mindset’
While a ‘global mindset’ is hard to define, it is far easier to recognize in those leaders who have it.  They have an intellectual curiosity about the world, an open-mindedness to other perspectives, an active embrace of cultural diversity--and much more.  We seek to model a global mindset in all that we think, say, and do.  And we seek to build a global mindset in our clients in the analyses we present, the courses we teach, the learning journey we lead--indeed, in all our interactions.  As a result, our clients recognize us for our global mindset, and often come to us in pursuit of it; and they expressly comment on our global mindset when they write their performance evaluations of our work.  We are after all a global consultancy with extensive experience living and working far from our original homes.
Compared to a global mindset, a global business acumen is arguably easier to recognize in those leaders who have it.  They have a strategic understanding of their business and the world they operate in, a comprehension of finance as the essential language of business, an appreciation of the performance of critical people--and much more.  We seek to advance our client’s business acumen when we analyze a project, teach in a course, execute a plan, or otherwise serve our clients.  Once again, our clients recognize us for our global business acumen, and often come to us in pursuit of it; and they expressly comment on our business acumen in their feedback on our performance.  We are after all a successful business that has been operating profitably for nearly three decades.
Determining what constitute ‘global best practices’ is more art than science, arguably easier to identify than to transfer.  They significantly accelerate the growth and productivity of a business, the performance of a business leader and that leader’s team, the pace of requisite change in a dynamic economy--and much more.  Indeed, successfully transferring global best practices from one organization to another is all about change:  helping to define its direction, accelerate its pace, widen and deepen its penetration, measure its results.  We seek to disseminate global best practices in nearly all that we analyze, teach and execute.  Here we offer extensive experience across various companies, industries and geographies --and thus can bring a broad range of global best practices to our clients.
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global Leaders with Global business acumen
     Global leaders employing global best Practices