We started as the natural extension of the teaching, research and outreach activities of a single individual.  Beginning at Duke and then Stanford Universities, Dennis recently concluded his academic career after nearly 30 years at Harvard.  He spent the first half of his Harvard career on the faculty of the Harvard Business School, largely teaching executive education.  Subsequently, he joined Harvard’s Center for Business and Government, housed in the John F. Kennedy School of Government.  He founded the Center’s first Asia program, and taught award-winning courses on globalization to hundreds of graduate students from Harvard, MIT, and elsewhere.  On this topic he also published four books and dozens of articles and case studies.  Along the way he laid the foundation for a consulting business by embracing a wide array of collaborations, partnerships and networks with world-class experts on specific sectors and geographies.
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Dennis J. Encarnation & Associates, LLC also does business as HAG (previously known as The Harvard Advisory Group) as a cooperative means to draw on the knowledge, experience, and relationships enjoyed by faculty, staff and students at Harvard University--as well as by colleagues from other institutions.  HAG currently draws on two of Harvard’s most-renowned strengths:  the design and delivery of world-class education, and the creation and dissemination of intellectual property (IP).  HAG designs and builds educational institutions that span the full gamut of life-long learning—from K-12 to corporate education--and that span geographies, from the U.S. to Asia.  In addition, HAG’s IP projects draw on Harvard’s several graduate schools—from life sciences to business, from public health to public policy—to develop technologies with specific applications and broad implications.
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Dennis J. Encarnation & Associates, LLC is currently in the formative stages of two new partnerships with former Harvard and MIT graduate students who joined Dennis earlier as teaching fellows for his award-winning course on globalization.  The first of these is in collaboration with the Harvard Asia Energy and Sustainability Initiative.  With this new, expanded collaboration, we will be able to to broaden and deepen our already extensive consulting across Asia and in the energy sector.  The second formative partnership also addresses energy, as well as mining and minerals, and is focused on western Canada.  Here, we focus on the intersection of business, government and aboriginal communities.  With this second, potential collaboration we hope to expand into a new economic, political and social geography that allows us to do well by doing good:  combining private consulting with community service.
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