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Overall Program:  What did you like the most?
“Entire program.” ... “Great program!” ... “Perfect.” ... “Good overall.” ... “The session flow was excellent.” ... “The illustrative and interactive nature of engaging in these 2 days.” ... “Phenominal insights.” ... “Real examples based on the last 5 years, plus views on the fulture.” ... “The quantum of data provided to backup the arguments.” ... “Went much beyond [my expectations].”...  “Well worth the time.”

Value of Content:  What did you like the most?
"The fundamental questions asked!!” ... “Session on recession was best.”... “Industrial domain knowledge.” ... Discussion of: “Financial sector” ... “Energy sector” ... “Aerospace” ... “Manufacturing” ... “Cost vs. Productivity” ...  “The models of how globalization could occur.” ... “Good insights into strategy and market dynamics.” ... “Awesome! I learned a lot based on industry/practical experience which is outside books.” ... “A really good content-filled two days.”

Speaker Effectiveness:  What did you like the most?
“Brillian faculty and subject.” ... “Dennis has phenominal experience and he is a very able facilitator." ... “Speaker’s one-liners help to remember content.”... “The issues Dennis opens up with his thoughts are amazing.” ... “Effectiveness of Dennis to combine industry trends with time and context.” ... "High energy.” ... “The speaker’s energy and breadth/depth of knowledge.” ... “Dennis is an extremely energetic speaker with amazing knowldege of global economies that can enlighten any audience.” 

Combined Ratings for 3 Workshops (using a sliding scale moving from 1 to 5 with increasing satisfaction)
4.6 = Overall Program.
4.6 = Value of Content.
4.9 = Speaker Effectiveness (the speaker was Dennis Encarnation).
We design and deliver specialized briefings and independent workshops that draw extensively on our knowledge and experience on globalization:  macro economic and political issues, industry and market trends, corporate strategies and public policies.  Such engagements are typically customized to suit our clients, and range from a private meeting focused on the leadership team in a single business to a more public gathering mixing senior leaders drawn from several different businesses.  Throughout, even when our presentations are formal, our style of presentation is quite informal and highly interactive.
In this particular case, we collaborated with Dominion India to offer a series of three, two-day Globalization Workshops in Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai.  Participants included senior leaders from several small fast-growing Indian companies (ranging from Headstrong to Lemon Tree Hotels) as well as the Indian subsidiaries of several large multinationals including: Accenture, Cable & Wireless, Deutsche Bank, Motorola, Nomura, Perot Systems, Rolls Royce, Tesco and Thomson Reuters.  Comments from their leaders in India about these Workshops speak volumes about the quality of our performance.
Our Stand-Alone workshops
click to download presentations from this public workshop...India_Workshop/India_Workshop.htmlIndia_Workshop/India_Workshop.htmlIndia_Workshop/India_Workshop.htmlshapeimage_9_link_0shapeimage_9_link_1shapeimage_9_link_2
participant FeedbacK
(cumulative for three recent workshops offered in India during 2d Quarter 2009)
Dominion-Encarnation-February 2010.pdfIndia_Workshop_files/Dominion-Encarnation-February%202010.pdfIndia_Workshop_files/Dominion-Encarnation-February%202010.pdfIndia_Workshop_files/Dominion-Encarnation-February%202010.pdfIndia_Workshop_files/Dominion-Encarnation-February%202010_1.pdfshapeimage_11_link_0shapeimage_11_link_1shapeimage_11_link_2
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