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Also in India, Dennis J. Encarnation & Associates, LLC has worked over the past decade on that country’s emerging aerospace sector.  As that work has grown in volume and complexity, so too has our need for a more permanent in-country presence and for expanded capabilities and competencies.  To address these several needs, we have partnered with John Williams (a former Boeing executive in India) and SP Tyagi (a former Air Chief Marshal for the India Air Force) in a new venture (established during Q3 2011) that focuses not only on business consulting in this sector, but also on much-needed aerospace-related training and manufacturing-related services.  Combined, this complement of service offerings is targeted not only at American and European aerospace companies as they expand in the Indian market, but also on Indian-owned companies as they also expand in this sector both at home and abroad.
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THink tank
Based in India, Think Tank formalizes a long working relationship that dates back over two decades.  Manab (as the local leader of GE human resources) and Dennis (as a GE consultant) first worked together to help General Electric grow its several businesses in India.  Subsequently, Manab joined the Tata Group to transform its human resource strategy and processes--and he called on Dennis to help develop future Tata leaders while also helping to transform the Group’s strategy and structure.  In the process, Manab and Dennis demonstrated that their knowledge and experience regarding global best practices was readily transferrable to India--which they do today through Think Tank.  Here, they focus on the opportunities and challenges facing both local and foreign companies operating in India: the effectiveness of corporate strategy, the efficacy of organizational structures, the efficiency of business operations, and the performance of key people.
Aerospace India
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