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MACRO Economic & POLITICAL Analyses
We regularly analyze macro economic and associated political trends around the world.  Of particular interest are global, regional, and national variances in economic growth and productivity.  Here, we focus not only on the world’s largest political economies--the industrialized countries of the North Atlantic and Northeast Asia--but also on the BRICs (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and other emerging markets.  Interactions among these economies figure prominently in our analyses:  cross-border flows of goods and services as well as of the capital, labor and technology needed for their production and distribution.  Our analyses of these trends also take us below the level of the nation-state, to analyze the major cities and regions where most growth and productivity remains concentrated.
We regularly analyze a wide variety of industry and market trends to understand what business its several players are in.  When we analyze an industry, we focus on how value gets created; on where that value gets created both geographically and along some value chain; on who creates that value; and on how value creation is likely to change given the possible convergence of adjacent industries.  Relatedly, when we analyze markets, we focus on the output markets for the goods and services supplied, as well as on the input markets for the capital, labor, land, and technology required to generate that supply.  Shifting from supply to demand, we again analyze the sources of variance globally, regionally, nationally and locally--all to deepen our analysis of value creation.
We regularly analyze corporate strategies and government policies in pursuit of growth and productivity.  At times we take an in-depth look within a single economy--such as India--to examine the intersection of corporate strategy and public policy on the relative performance of multinationals, local conglomerates and state-owned enterprises.  At other times, we look across political boundaries and industrial sectors to analyze the wide variances we observe in the execution of globalization strategies by multinationals based in Europe, Japan, and the United States.  Increasingly, we look inside these corporations, to analyze their business projects and plans, strategies and structures, operations and people--all in pursuit of growth and productivity.
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industry & MARKET Analyses
Strategy & policy Analyses
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