“[The] ‘action learning’ concept of working on real business issues became the heart of … BMC [business management course] classes.  Projects were focused on a key country, a major GE business, or the progress the company was making on an initiative like … globalization.  Each class could present their recommendations in a two-hour session at the quarterly meetings of … the CEOs of the major businesses and the corporate staff….  In every case, there were take-aways that led to action in a GE business....  [For example] of all the ideas that have been driven through the operating system over the years, … one of the best came from the Business Management Course (BMC).  It’s a great example of how we directly linked Crotonville to all the company’s learning.” 
        >  Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO, The General Electric Company
We design and deliver executive education and leadership development programs at some of the world’s leading corporate learning centers.  Here we draw on several innovations in experiential learning we have pioneered and customized in close collaboration with our clients:  “action learning” designs built around specific business projects; “leaders-teaching-leaders” modules that team us up with internal company experts; “learning journeys” that pursue global best practices.  And we draw extensively from our knowledge and experience on globalization:  macro economic and political issues, industry and market trends, corporate strategy and public policy.  

In this particular case, our involvement at General Electric’s “Crotonville” Leadership Development Center (now officially dedicated to Jack Welch) extends nearly three decades, and includes numerous executive education programs developing thousands of current and future GE leaders.  Among these several programs, we have been involved in the design and delivery of several BMC programs, especially those closely tied to the execution of GE’s globalization initiative in key geographies.  These include BMC programs that took “journeys” to (listed alphabetically) Brazil, Central Europe, China, India, Japan, Russia, and Southeast Asia.
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