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We regularly integrate our knowledge and experience on globalization as distinctive modules in longer executive education and leadership development programs.  These modules vary in length from a few hours to a few days; they vary in focus from general macro and industry trends to specific business issues; and they vary in style from interactive lectures to structured break-out sessions--depending upon the expressed needs of the client.  

In this particular case, we design and deliver a one-and-a-half day module embedded in a three-week program.  We offer this module quarterly to 100+ high-potential leaders, who focus on specific opportunities and challenges in the geographic regions where their businesses operate.  Extensive feedback is then gathered on several aspects of the module and its speaker.  As always, these "voices of the customer" speak volumes about our performance, as does our continued involvement in this program for nearly 2 decades.
participant FeedbacK
(for a program offered 3rd Quarter 2008)
Overall Module
"Excellent. I like this course [module] best." ..."Excellent presentation." ..."One of the best [modules] of the first two weeks." ..."Truly a great session!" ..."Great job by Dennis taking real world, very CURRENT issues and weaving them into a learning module that can be used at any time in the future." ..."Dennis does a great job of breaking down Macroeconomics on a global level." ..."Relating global wealth and finances to worldwide business decisions was fascinating." ..."Simplified some very useful metrics that can help paint a global picture." ..."I learned more than several semesters of university economics.” 
Business Relevance of this Module
"I enjoyed the dialog around [our company's several] businesses and where they are doing business." ..."Great way to link our businesses to global environment." ..."Great linkage of macro-econ trends to practical business issues and successes." ..."Dennis asked each of us how our businesses were playing in each of the focus regions; [this] brought additional currency to the discussion." ..."Great tie-in to [our] business and how economics affect our business." ..."Dennis did an excellent job relating the abstract economics concepts to the practical world at [our company]."

Advanced Preparation for this Module
"I like the use of 'The Economist' [and] the use of our businesses as examples." ..."Good use of the 'The Economist' as a learning tool." ..."Loved the use of 'The Economist' to help discussion with real world examples.” ..."Never thought I would learn so much from two pages of stats!" ..."I never knew you could glean so much from the last 2-3 pages of 'The Economist'."

Speaker Effectiveness: Style
"Absolutely fantastic!" ..."Dennis was fantastic--very engaging, great energy." ..."Amazing speaker with a ton of energy." ..."Highly energetic." ..."Dennis was a ball of fire." ..."Good passion." ..."Very effective." ..."Excellent speaker." ..."Educational & entertaining." ..."Great style." ..."I loved the way he linked all the issues together in an engaging and humorous way to get the point across." ..."Great presentation and very engaging." ..."I was engaged the whole time based on his enthusiasm and depth of knowledge." ..."Dennis was extremely interesting and energetic and a pleasure to learn from." ..."He connected well with many of the global class participants." ..."Outstanding."

Speaker Effectiveness: Content
"Wow, what an incredibly knowledgeable guy." ..."AWESOME!!!!!! Dennis has great knowledge and passion." ..."His countless real life examples and stories really helped to drive home the segment's key points." ..."Very good session brought real life examples into the discussion." ..."I think he should visit [our company] sites more; more people need to have exposure to Dennis." ..."Impressive broad knowledge." ..."Extensive knowledge of the global economy and cultures." ..."He does a great job of explaining the macro global picture."

Speaker Ratings (using a sliding scale moving from 1 to 5 with increasing satisfaction)
4.8 = Overall ranking of Dennis Encarnation and his Globalization Module. 
Note:  To put this ranking in comparative context, 4.7 was the average overall ranking received by Dennis Encarnation for the Globalization Module he offered in all 4 programs taught the prior year (2007).
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our integrated Module on globalization
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