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Overall Program
"This was the best course I've taken at [this client's leadership development center] .”  ... "Excellent course: Well designed, well executed, and relevant to my work." ..."Great class!!" ..."Awesome." ... I thoroughly enjoyed myself.” ... “Overall I was very impressed.”

Speaker Effectiveness
"Dennis Encarnation is an outstanding instructor." ..."Absolutely fascinating!" ..."He embodies globalization." ..."I felt honored to have the opportunity to learn from such a brilliant and dynamic leader." ..."Superb at discussing the affect of current events." ..."Most useful: [his] 'Program Integration' lectures." ..."Outstanding!"
Value Received
"The knowledge I received was worth the investment." ..."Extremely relevant." ..."Relevant to my work." ..."Filled in a number of blanks for me." ..."Fabulous opportunity to learn, grow, expand my knowledge, and inspire me to continue learning."

Program & Speaker Ratings (using a sliding scale moving from 1 to 5 with increasing satisfaction)
4.5 = Overall ranking of the week-long program as a whole.
4.7 = Overall ranking of Dennis Encarnation and his specific modules.
We design and deliver executive education and leadership development programs that draw extensively from our knowledge and experience on globalization. This week-long program brings together the best we have to offer on macro economic and political issues, industry and market trends, corporate strategies and public policies.  And it taps our pioneering work in experiential learning:  “business-driven action learning” designs built around specific business projects; “leaders-teaching-leaders” (LTL) modules that team us up with internal company experts; “learning journeys” that pursue global best practices.  
Each program is highly customized in very close collaboration with our client.  In this particular case, the Globalization Program is held quarterly, with 30+ participants in each session, employing 10 or more LTL modules tailored to specific business projects sponsored by senior leaders.  To insure that we are meeting program objectives, our clients actively solicit participant feedback about individual speakers and the overall program.  These "voices of the customer" speak volumes about our performance, as does the continued operation of this particular “signature” program since its inception 7 years ago.
Our Signature globalization program
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participant FeedbacK
(for a program offered 4th Quarter 2008)