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Business Projects & PlanS
We regularly analyze specific business opportunities and risks for our clients.  Our advice is typically presented in the form of a business plan, feasibility study, or project report.  And our advice can also come from our repeated interactions with project teams.  These project teams may be operating in a specific business unit, and they may be operating in one of our executive education or business transformation programs.  As testimony to the quality of the advice we deliver, many of our clients subsequently engage us to execute the actual projects, programs and plans we have analyzed—setting up operations, hiring staff, evaluating performance, and otherwise linking ourselves directly to our clients’ performance and business success.
We design and facilitate a wide variety of business meetings including briefings, conferences, courses, programs and workshops.  These vary in size, from small teams to large groups.  They vary in time, from design to actual delivery, consuming a few hours or several weeks; and they vary in length, from an hour to several days, from a single event to a continuous series of activities.  They vary in complexity: from a single venue to multiple locations, from a single speaker to multiple internal and external speakers.  They vary is style, from highly interactive to more formal; and they vary in content, from the smallest business details to global macro trends.  Finally, they vary in global reach, from our backyard in the US to any continent except Antarctica.
We increasingly build our clients’ internal capabilities and competencies through performance coaching and operational reviews.  Our extensive experience in the disciplined execution of strategic and operational reviews comes from working inside companies model global best practices.  These we offer our clients as stand-alone business reviews, or embedded in the several programs that we teach.  We also offer our clients executive coaching sessions focused on individual, team and business performance.  Once again we offer these embedded in our teaching programs or in one-on-one relationships with senior leaders. Here, we often partner with leading experts drawn from our extensive global network of performance coaches.
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Performance coaching & operational Reviews
meeting facilitation