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We partner with Interclass, Momentis and The Works Partnership for the co-design and co-delivery of change-acceleration programs focused on nothing less than the complete transformation of a client’s business.  Success is measured through the results delivered through personal, business, and community-service projects.  Here, we are the lead consultant on business projects, from inception to review by senior management.
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We partner with TRI in the design and delivery of executive education programs that focus on the development of business acumen and financial skills.  TRI designs and delivers business simulations that combine computer-aided instruction organized around competitive teams with extensive role-playing of key business stakeholders.
We partner with Global Executive Learning in the delivery of executive education programs organized around active business projects and learning journeys abroad, employing a process known as “business-driven action learning”.
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Corporate Social Responsibility & Community Service
We partner with non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in various countries (such as Parikrma in India) for the design and delivery of community-service projects, integral to the execution corporate social responsibility in our business transformation programs.
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We partner with The Greenwich Group for the delivery of CAP (change-acceleration process) tools that are integral modules in our business transformation programs.
We partner with Interaction (now Momentis), Norfolk Light, Teleos Leadership Institute, and The Works Partnership to provide performance coaching for individuals and teams.  The objective is the development and sustainment of highly-committed individuals and high-performance teams delivering extraordinary results.
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