Harvard Business School Case study of a new foreign investor
"In the end Hynes believed New Songdo City would be a success because 'there's a quality of life that has been designed into this place that doesn't exist anywhere in Korea and maybe anywhere in the world.' Gale found the right partners with global reputations so that New Songdo City would have international schools, a top quality hospital, and cultural and arts centers in order to claim a real advantage over other cities. The Harvard Advisory Group partnered with Gale to design the foreign school, Philadelphia International Medicine helped design and run the hospital, Jack Nicklaus signed on to design the golf course."
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We regularly advise clients on business opportunities and risks.  When written, that advice is typically presented in the form of a business plan, feasibility study, or research report.  And typically our advice takes us well beyond our own Harvard-based research, to include input from subject-matter experts around the world.  As testimony to the quality of the advice we deliver and they accept, our clients increasingly go on to engage us in the actual execution of that advice. Specifically, we are increasingly being asked by our clients to assist them in the execution of an agreed plan and associated budgets--setting up operations, hiring staff, evaluating performance--all on their behalf. Nowhere is this more apparent than in our contribution to the actual building of a new city and associated free trade zone in Korea, as summarized in a recent Harvard Business School case study.

In this particular case, John Hynes and Gale International-Korea (GIK) commissioned The HAG Partnership to conduct a feasibility study and then prepare a business plan for a new international school in Korea. Next, upon acceptance of this plan, Hynes and GIK commissioned HAG to assemble a team consisting of a renowned architect and an advisory board of eminent school headmasters to design the school’s "hardware" (buildings) and "software" (programs). Finally, upon acceptance of these designs and associated construction bids, Hynes and GIK awarded HAG a co-development contract, leading HAG to hire and manage a team operating in both Korea and the United States to oversee the school’s construction and program.
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