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We regularly collaborate with others to leverage our size, capabilities, competencies, and global reach--and thus better serve our clients.  Our Harvard connections, local partnerships and global networks greatly expand our industry expertise and country knowledge.  HAG and our new energy ventures provide our clients with access to Harvard faculty, staff and students; Aerospace India and Think Tank give us a physical presence in India to serve our many clients there.  Our global Networks complement what we offer our clients:  program design and delivery, performance coaching for individuals and teams, learning journeys in pursuit of best practices, change acceleration tools, business simulations and financial training, business planning and project analysis--and much more.
We typically enjoy long and deep relationships with our clients.  Indeed, we have been associated with many for several years and, in some cases, for more than a decade.  For such long-standing clients, multiple engagements in a given year are quite common:  many seek multiple versions of the same service and different services for their various divisions.  These several engagements result in considerable immersion in--and thus knowledge of--our clients.  Occasionally, based on this knowledge, we have actually been able to bring different clients together for joint programs, and in this way to help forge joint business ventures among our clients.  This is just another indicator of the value we are able to create and share thanks to the depth and breadth of our relationships.
We currently work with our clients and partners on every continent except Antarctica.  From our base in United States, where many of our clients are still headquartered, our first international assignment dates back over three decades, to 1977, when Dennis lived and worked in India to complete his doctoral research.  That experience--followed periodically by other extended stays elsewhere in the Asia-Pacific and in Europe--set the standard for all subsequent work by our now-extended family of consultants:  total immersion in a given locale, extensive practical experience on the ground, appropriate cultural and language proficiencies.  Today, our clients and partners have extended our reach from Australia to Europe, from the Americas to the Middle East and Africa.
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