Assist in the design and delivery of “best practices” workshops focused on optimizing the strategic and operational integration of mergers and acquisitions. 

 Design and deliver “best practices” workshops on the negotiation and implementation of joint ventures in selected geographies and industries.  

 Design and deliver briefings on business opportunities and associated risks in selected geographies (e.g., India) and industries (e.g., aerospace). 

 Deliver a speech on global industry trends to a large business association that draws together buyers, suppliers, and competitors in the same sector. 

 Deliver a speech on relevant trends in globalization to a world-wide supplier meeting comprised of several hundred multi-tiered vendors. 

 Deliver a speech on globalization to a “global customer summit” hosted by a geographically dispersed multinational corporation. 

 Deliver a speech to an investors’ conference on business opportunities and risks across various sectors in a specific geography.
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Speeches, LECTURES, Briefings, Workshops
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